Welcome to my world

My name is Donna Givens.  Aka Donna Posey, aka Donna Wille, but shall leave this earth as Donna Givens.  Born in Birmingham, Alabama, to A.C. and Margaret Posey in 1959.  

First marriage at 16, to Michael Wille, divorced at 26.  Remarried at 27 to Gregory Givens, still married today.

Greg likes to say he could have killed somebody and been out on parole by now, however, this marriage is until death, survivor wins freedom.  

We have three daughters, Tonya, Mandy and Michele from my marriage to Mike, a bonus daughter, Crystal from Greg and his first wife, Lynn.  Then from our marriage we have a son, Greg Jr.  

Am the mother of 5 amazing, wonderful, gifted, fertile children, all grown making our family bigger.  We have nine grandchildren at the present time, Go only knows where that number will end.  

Who knows, maybe great-grandchildren before this body calls time on the field of life.

Update, we now have ten grands, 5 girls & 5 boys

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